Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lego Minifigures: Cavalier, Hockey Player, Punk Rocker

Cavalier: I was originally going to get 3 and try to do a 3 Musketeers thing, but I decided it was too expensive for what it was. However this is a really good figure. The hat is awesome.

Hockey Player: I don't like hockey, why did I get this? Other than the fact that by wearing a hockey uniform this dude looks like a low level flunky for a supervillian.

Punk Rocker: The guitar is pretty neat, but the gem of this figure is the mohawk. It fits onto the head piece, not using the traditional stud method but instead, since the punk hair is rubber, a circle is placed into the hollow crater atop the lego minifigure head. Also, for a punk guy, dude seems to be wearing way too much Ed Hardy.

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