Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Anti-Buyer's Remorse: GI Joe Edition

Is there an opposite of Buyer's Remorse? Because the second I saw these guys on the shelf I knew I was going to buy them. Sci-Fi is a nostalgia purchase because he was one of the few Joes I had as a kid. Lifeline I wanted for the insane number of accessories and the fact that in the cartoon he was the pacifist that couldn't even shoot people when he was alone with his stalker girlfriend and Cobra attacked the secluded cabin they were in to kidnap the girl since she was the daughter of rich people.

Saw them, snatched them, and also decided not to get the Zombie Viper. Because compared to these two day-glo character it just wasn't making the cut. Also, why would a infantry trooper wear neon green? Who cares, the more important part is why does GI Joe have two laser specialists? Shouldn't more people have laser rifles? Or is it an expensive and  rare technology? In which case why are they being carried into battle on the back of infantrymen.


  1. OH man I want these so bad. Where did you find?

    1. Wal-mart and then the next day at Target.

    2. Yeeeearg. Every time i go they have the same. Hopefully they will start getting em here.