Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nerf Jolt

The Jolt is tiny. Possibly the smallest Nerf blaster ever. Seriously, look how small this thing is.

But even though it's tiny, this might be my favorite Nerf Blaster of all time. OF ALL TIME. See, it's deceptively powerful. Rather than having to pump up the air pressure like the other pocket Nerf Blaster, the Nerf Secret Strike, the Jolt has a simple cocking mechanism. Pull down the handle on the bottom and fire. End result: the Jolt fires about the same distance, possibly further, than a Maverick. Fired at close range it offers far more of a punch than a Maverick. The Nite Finder doesn't even enter to this discussion.

So if you combine the Jolt with a sonic dart you get a good whistle before someone or something is hit by the dart. The feeling is that you have fire pure power from your hand. ALL FEAR AND TREMBLE AT THE MIGHTY MAN WHO BRINGS DOWN THE PUNISHMENT OF THE FOAM DART FROM HIS SECRET BLASTER!

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