Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Minimates Maximum Zombies

I admit, the first few wave of the Minimates Max line were pretty boring. They felt more like army builders than anything else. Firemen, cops, army people... yawn. Then they released the pirate ghost subline and things got much more interesting. And now they go into AWESOME!

The minimate Zombies subline started last year as a SDCC exclusive. New sets have been announced for near future release, but until the details are a little more firm we get this surgeon and biker. The Biker looks a little too much like Dogg the Bounty Hunter, but that's okay. The surgeon's alternate head looks a little too like Doc Brown, so maybe that's all intentional.

Yes, like the original Minimate MAX line, it looks like these figures come with alternate heads and accessories so you can make multiple characters from each Minimate. It's a nice use of the customization and modular possibilities of the minimate form. One downside is that for the Biker Minimate, the base body has a leather jacket illustrated on it. The accessory to change the torso is... a leather jacket accessory.... So essentially the same thing but bulkier.

Anyway, these things are awesome and even though they were a SDCC exclusive they're still available for reasonable prices. This portends great things for the eventual Minimate MAX Zombie line if it actually materializes.

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