Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thunderstrike and Stone Alien

Remember Thunderstrike? Eric Masterson was Thor in the 90's. There was a lot of wacky crap which ended up with Thor asking Eric to take over for a while, which he did, until he was tricked into fighting the real Thor over Sif and lost. But it was okay, Odin gave him a new Mace which gave him Thor-like powers as the new hero Thunderstrike. And yes, he wore a chain belt, had a pony tail, a leather jacket with torn off sleeves and other 90's badass look attributes.

So yeah, dude is the closest thing there will ever be to a Thor legacy character, except that now he's dead and his son is the new Thunderstrike.

But Eric Masterson will always be one of the big symbols of Marvel in the 90's. (Although more for his 90's Thor costume, which was silly since all it added was a beard and a weird visor thing attached to the helmet. It's also the variant figure for this set.)

The Thunderstrike minimate has issues standing, but I wanted him and the variant because I loved comic books in the 90's. It was such a fun time, before the decompressed storytelling and the "Let's make things realistic" trends of the 2000's took over.

He comes with a Stone Warrior Alien from Journey into Myster #83, Thor's very first Marvel comic. It's been retconned that one of the Warriors is Korg, Hulk's friend and Warbound. So I'm gonna pretend this is a figure of him, since I'm pretty sure they'll never make a Korg minimate. That means they just have to make an A-Bomb, Lyra and a Red She Hulk and I'll have my very own set of the Incredible Hulks minimates. Cool.

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  1. I have been looking for this set for the Stone Alien but it hasn't turned up at my Toys R' Us yet if it will ever.


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