Friday, March 16, 2012

Character Building Doctor Who blind packs

When I was at that Doctor Who convention so way back, I picked up a few of the blind packed Character Building sets. It involved a lot of bag pressing to see if I could determine shapes. Daleks were easy, but the others... I figured out which sets had the Doctor because you could feel the sonic screwdriver, but the one figure I really wanted, the Rory figure, that was damn near impossible.

But one hour later I finally figured it out. I really wanted a Rory because I'm figuring out that they're not going to make a Rory in the 5" scale, so I'll take what I can get. He's one of my favorite Doctor Who companions.

The figures feel just like other Character building minifigures, just with Doctor Who Paint jobs. The real interesting one is the Dalek. I've provided a break down of the pieces here.

So the top piece does rotate, allowing for some interesting Dalek head posing.

At the con the pieces were selling for $3.50-5 depending on which dealer you bought them from. I don't think they're really worth that much per figure, especially since Wal-Mart sells the generic CB minifigures for $2 and Lego minifigures generally go for $3 and are made from much better quality plastic. They're a little taller than a minifigure though, but the hair is part of the head piece, so there's not mix-and match hats or hair in the CB minifigures. Just swappable heads. Although that does mean you can play with the "Rory dies a lot" theme by substituting another Character Building head.


  1. I want some of the Daleks and Cybermen from this line.

  2. I want that doctor Who, he looks so adorable (not as much adorable as the Rory Dies a Lot Figure) :D