Friday, March 30, 2012

Civil War Captain America and Arnim Zola

I got this set mostly for Arnim Zola, because a Nazi Scientist who put his consciousness into a robot with a tiny head and a chest with which to project his face like in Robocop 2 is a toy you need to get for the sheer ridiculousness. But when I did, I found out that the Captain America figure was kind of cool.

It's supposed to be Captain America from the Civil War miniseries, but that's ridiculous as that Captain America was just the regular looking Captain America. He didn't wear his WW2 goggles and helmet look. And he sure as hell didn't wear his 90's Avengers Leather jacket...

Wait, what?

Yeah, in the early 90's the Avengers went through a period where all the members wore leather jackets with the Avengers "A" logo on the sleeve. This is when the Avengers consisted of Black Knight, Sersei, Crystal,  and who cares it was a ridiculous look and is emblematic of the 90's comic book culture. Everyone was wearing a leather jacket. Wonder Woman, Sue Storm (which was hilarious because this was back when the rest of her uniform was the swimsuit with a boob window shaped like the number 4), even Gambit... Actually Gambit may have been the guy to cause it all to happen... ANYWAY...

But yeah, this set includes alternate arms and chest piece to create a Avengers Leather Jacket version of Captain America... Or any other minimate you want to put in that jacket. 10 stars!


  1. Love that Arnim Zola i must get one of these sets now.

  2. I need to get this so I can make '90s Avengers Master Chief.

  3. HAHAHA...
    I remember the leather jacket period. Sadly it didn't make them any cooler. I thought the avengers were pretty lame in the 90s. Loved them from the 70s...and the 80s. But man, the stories, the was just bad IMO.

  4. the avengers were pretty but i like Thor so pleas give me thor. I remember the leather jacket period...

    Captain America Leather Jacket


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