Monday, March 12, 2012

Armored Thor and HOLY CRAP BETA RAY BILL!!!!

Armored Thor is from some silly story where he gets cursed with brittle bones so he wear magic armor. And it's a large and bulky figure that is difficult to balance and looks ridiculous. But he came with Beta Ray Bill so I had to get him.

If you don't know, Beta Ray Bill comes from a planet of Horse faced people who was deemed worthy to carry the hammer of Thor. Which he did, leaving Thor kinda at a loss. Misunderstandings happened and when it was over, Beta Ray Bill was named Thor's hammer-brother and given his own Thor Hammer which he used to be Space Horse Thor... or Beta Ray Bill.

They made a minimate of a Space Horse with the power of a Norse God. Sure it's got a bulky chest cover, but THIS IS AMAZING AND EVERYONE SHOULD BUY 2!

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  1. I think it's cool they actually made a Beta Ray Bill! Now where is the Marvel Legends version?