Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CYBERMEN WEEK: Doctor Who Character Building Cyberman Collector Set

So Character Building put out some Cybermen as part of their minifigure line. Then they released an army builder 5 pack. But that one had 5 Cybermen that all looked the same. But then they released a second 5 pack that featured two previously unreleased Cybermen figures. Then I got it!

Three of the guys in this set are the typical Cybermen design featured in the blind packs, but now you can get a Cyber Leader (Which I think they've now put in a wave of the blind packs) and a damaged Cybermen, with paint to imply rust damage and a missing arm. Surprisingly they didn't just pack in a figure with a arm not inserted into the joint hold, but instead they sculpted a one armed base body. That's pretty awesome. And it means they can now make one-armed dudes in their normal CB line. They should get the Fugitive license.


Incidentally, you know what I love? I love that the Cybermen all have the big O chest piece so that means they're the extension of the "classic" Cybermen from the old show. Except the broken one that features the Cybrus logo that indicates the cyberman is from an alternate universe. I pretend he's in such bad shape because he's not a "REAL" Cyberman but one made from cheap parts on the parallel earth which made us deal with "Not Our Native" Cybermen.

I've never been that into the Character Building sets of figures, but this set actually convinced me that the minifigures might be worth looking at. Which explains why I ended up getting the minifigures from last week's article.


  1. These are so cool i just need to break down and order a set of these online.

  2. My question is why are they shipping cybermen with the c on the chest instead of the cyber leader in wave 2?