Monday, March 19, 2012


You know, if we're going to do a Cybermen week then we might as well start with a Cyberman... Makes sense, right?

This figure is almost identical to all the NuCybermen figures that have already come out. (I've never looked over a regular one on the site, but the base body is just like this one or this one)

The only difference: This one doesn't have the Cybrus logo on the chest, and instead just has a regular circle on it. That implies that this Cyberman isn't from the alternate universe, but rather a Cyberman from the proper Doctor Who universe and is an offshoot of the Cybermen from the classic Doctor Who series. Why do they look like the alternate universe Cybermen? Well, realistically it's because it's more cost effective to use existing costumes rather than spend a lot of money to make new costumes. But the in-story reason isn't expanded, so I'm going to assume its because the real Cybermen found some alternate universe Cybermen and assimilated them and upgraded to incorporate advantages of the new form.

So yeah... NERD!

Still, Cybermen are awesome! And I'm happy to finally have a NuWho Cyberman that isn't from some stupid alternate universe.


  1. Love the Cybermen! Can't wait to see more this week.

  2. Delete! Delete! I LOVE the Cybermen and anything Doctor Who!