Monday, March 5, 2012

Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hell, they were $4. And for that you get Star Lord, who I know almost nothing about, and Drax the Destroyer, about which I know a little but mostly from the 90's before he transformed into the look he has here during the Annihilation miniseries. They're both good figures, especially if you're paying $2 for each of them. Starlord is cool, in that his helmet makes him look like an awesome cyborg. Like I said, I'm not familiar with the character so he could be a cyborg, but from what I can recall, I think he's just some human who accidentally got stuck in a space opera back in the 70's. And then there's Drax. I like Drax's knives, they serve the character well. (I did read the Annihilation comic, but all you need to know about Drax is that he was created by cosmic forces from a dead human to kill Thanos the mad Titan, a guy who worshiped death and would regularly gain control over all of reality. He used to be stupid and insanely strong, but then he evolved to be less strong but insanely more cunning and clever about killing people.)

Of course the real stars of this set are the two accessories. Rocket Racoon and Groot. I hesitate to say that they're figures in the set because Groot has no articulation and Rocket racoon has two points of articulation: a ball jointed head and a cut joint where his tail meets his torso. So you can spin his tail around and make him look up, down, or side to side. Other than that, he's stuck in one pose... You know... like a statue. So that's why I consider them accessories and not action figures. Because they lack action.


  1. $4 is a still! I would buy the set at that price too. I wish the Future Foundation set would drop to that price now.

  2. My son and I want them!!! But they are way too expensive around here.

  3. Rocket Racoon!! I wish I could see such cool toys here in stores! These weeks aisles are filled with items for school :(

  4. You know, this version of The Guardians of the Galaxy, plus Quasar and Adam Warlock, were on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heros this week! I had no idea that Rocket Raccoon has an Aussie accent!


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