Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CYBERMEN WEEK: Bump & Go Cybermat

Look, I knwo it migth not seem like it sometimes, but I like the Cybermats. I really do. I thought they were a great part of Classic Doctor Who. So when they updated them guys for the new show during this last season, well I was pretty excited. I hoped we would get some toy Cybermats packaged in with some cybermen, but instead we got that pack I was disappointed in. But I still really like Cybermats.

Fortunately Character and Underground Toys have released another Cybermat toy. One that's a fair bit bigger than the other ones. Postly because these aren't in scale to action figures. These are in scale to us.

YES! A 1:1 scale cybermat toy. Sure anyone who wants a Doctor Who accessory for role playing will get a Sonic Screwdriver, but this should be #2 on the list. (It's certainly cooler looking than the Memory Cube.) Even if you don't put in batteries so it acts like a Roomba, careening across the floor until it hits an obstacle, causing it to turn around, it's a great toy.

Personally, I got it so if I ever do a Doctor Who fan film with a Cybermat then I can avoid building one and just use this guy.

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