Friday, March 2, 2012

Ganger Doctor

So I'm going to parse out the Doctor Who Toys I got at the convention over the next few weeks so it's not just a steady stream of Doctor Who posts. And we'll start with the Ganger Doctor. This is a figure based on a recent set of episodes dealing with clones made out of a goopy material known as "Flesh." It creates a copy of a person out of a goo that is supposed to serve as a person's avatar for dangerous operations (like in the movie surrogates) but some of the copies, or gangers, short for doppelgangers, get separated from the psychic link, gain sentience, and decide they don't want to be melted  after the job is done.

So as part of the story, the Doctor gets duplicated and a Ganger Doctor is created. Now when the gangers emerge, they look a lot more goo-like, as if their skin hasn't congealed yet. They look like you would expect people made out of goop to look like. And this figure depicts that moment.

There's actually two versions. One is made of stretch armstrong like material and has a neck that can be stretched if you pull the head. I didn't want that figure. I hate those squishy plastic figures since I'm convinced they'll eventually decay and crack as the years go on. Fortunately I ended up with one where everything is hard plastic. I like the figure, not just because it shows off one of the new features found on Doctor Who figures, ball-jointed shoulders. Only took them 6 years. And knowing Character Options, we'll still be seeing the old articulation show up on all the figures that feature parts reuse. Which is weird because aside from the head and hands, this is essentially all the same parts as all the other 11th Doctor figures. That's prime for parts reuse. But instead we get better articulation.

I'm not complaining, but I know it means I'm going to have to get new figures of characters I already have if they add the ball jointed shoulders. I just know it.

The figure comes with a couple of accessories. There's a packet of "The Flesh," which is essentially white toy slime, and a hard plastic "Flesh Mask" that replicates the look of the unformed flesh on a Ganger that can be placed on other figures... although yes, it's kind of silly to include it with a figure which already has a Ganger face. I got a couple figures with those accessories, so here's a look at the Flesh Masks. I'll cover the Flesh Packet itself later. (But really, no different than the slime you can get in a gumball machine.)

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