Friday, March 9, 2012

Remembrance of the Daleks

I never did get that other Remberance of the Daleks set. Mostly because it was a UK Exclusive and damned if I'm paying $100 for 4 Daleks when I only want one of them. Meanwhile, $40 for these two Daleks apparently is fine. I think seeing it in person was the thing that made me go: DO IT! BUY IT! And what do I get for my money? Two variants of the Imperial Dalek. One is a busted Dalek, based on the one that got destroyed when the Doctor's companion Ace destroyed it using a nuclear powered baseball bat. (Oh 90's Doctor Who, we miss you so.)

You never saw in that busted Dalek, aside from a tentacle that shot out and tried to attack people. They've decided to sculpt the mutant inside the Dalek shell as the mutants from the new series. Whatever.

The figure I really wanted was the Emperor Dalek. It features exactly two bits of articulation. One: The shell of the bulbous head opens up to reveal Davros inside! And Davros' head move a slight bit, but all the wires attached to his head limit the movement!

Holy crap this set isn't worth $40 unless you're hardcore into Doctor Who... Did I mention I bought this at a Doctor Who convention? So I'm a hardcore into Doctor Who. Fine, just take my money Character Options. But I'll be damned if I'm paying $40 for the Attack of the Cybermen set... unless I see it person... or read  positive review... or see it on e-bay... I'm a weak man when it comes to Doctor Who toys.

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