Thursday, March 22, 2012

CYBERMEN WEEK: Corroded Cyberman with Chest Damage

Let's return to the story "Closing Time." In that episode we see a number of Cybermen that have been burried underground for thousands of years. Their bodies are damaged and corroded.

So of course Character Options made figures of each Cyberman and their specific type of damage. Seriously, they're doing it. So far they've done 4 of them, each with a different type of damage on the body. It's insane.

I can't afford them all, so I got this one: the Corroded Chest Damage Cyberman.The reason I chose this one is that it comes with an awesome accessory, the Cyberman Mask that is waiting for someone's head to be put inside it so they can be turned into a Cyberman.

Since this is a Corroded Cyberman there's all sorts of small details on the body that required new sculpting. There's the impression that metal plates have been welded onto different parts of the bodies and sculpted elements to simulate exposed wires and circuits. There's also a lot of various paint apps to simulate rust and tarnish.

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