Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Harley Quinn (Batman Legacy: Arkham City)

It was sorta a given that I'd get this. After all, what Batman fan can resist a Harley Quinn variant that is based on a pretty cool character design? (And isn't as obviously exploitative and stupid as the Suicide Squad Hot Topic Harley.)

So like I mentioned on the Articulated Monster Podcast, the soft plastic used on the bat has the unfortunate quality of being incredibly pliable, thus making it possible to make the bat look floppy, which has the unfortunate side effect of resembling the Penetrator weapon from Saints Row 3. (LINK to the entry on the Saints Row wiki. NSFW.) And the white face paint and shape of the head make the figure look more like an action figure of a Harley Quinn cosplayer than the video game character, but it gets the idea across as much as it can given the limitations of the medium. (Also, most people still think Harley Quinn cosplayers are pretty cool, so not a huge problem there.)

Overall, it's a good figure. The boots allow for a swivel/hinge joint at the knee, so a bit of extra flexibility there. And the boot top means that the mid-thigh cut joint is well hidden. Neato! And the figure is pretty much in scale with the DCUC line. So even more neato.


  1. Am just not wild about this version of Harley i guess i just like her original outfit i guess.

    1. It's very much how you would think she'd be dressed in a Nolan "street clothes" adaptation rather than as a comic book villain.