Friday, April 6, 2012

11th Doctor TARDIS Playset

Because there actually was a 9/10th Doctor playset, which was smaller than this one. Because the set was a bit smaller.

But anyway, I'm finishing off the look at toys I bought at the "Gallifrey One" Doctor Who convention in February. This was the biggest purchase, obviously, and it was a bitch trying to fit it into my bag. I had to leave the box behind. Fortunately it was already disassembled, and I finally put it together when I got home. But there were so many parts, taking up weird spaces in my luggage. Oy.

But I think it was worth it. The set is a sight to behold. The big highlights are the central console..

and the multi-tiered levels.

In many ways it looks just like the set from the show. Sure some parts are a bit flimsy, since they're made of cheap cardboard (pretty much all the walls) and the floors are made of some surprisingly flimsy plastic, which have to be fitted into the plastic frames just right, but it's still a solid bit of plastic... the parts that are plastic. Well worth every penny, although mostly because I didn't pay any shipping fees and it was sold at the suggested MSRP. I don't know if I'd be as in love with the set if it cost $20 more than I paid.

But it looks great with figures in it.


  1. That is a cool looking set and will make for a wonderful background piece.

  2. must... push... those buttons...

    You're right it is a so awesome set. The figures (is that 10th Doctor?) make it 20% cooler.
    All what you need now is a Doctor Hooves figure :D

    1. Nope, just all my 11th Doctor variants.

    2. ooops, I mistook the Docs!!
      In the Brony community, Doctor Hooves is the ponified version of Doctor Who :D

  3. So fascinated by this playset, kids will surely like it. They can experience to play the tools used by these doctors. The characters included in the set will make the scene more realistic.