Thursday, April 12, 2012

Invasion of Time set

I've already looked at a Leela figure and a Classic Sontaran figure. Both are flawed. And in the case of the Leela figure, deeply flawed. So getting a set with a Sontaran featuring the correct number of fingers and a Leela that doesn't look like it was assembled in a rush could be considered a good way to upgrade things. They both look great, the Sontaran in particular is a wonderful rendition of a cheaply made costume from the 70's.

The figures also come with a Sontaran helmet and the time gun, which erases someone from history.

Overall, I love the Sontaran. I wish Leela was wearing the same outfit she had in her SDCC figure since I think it looks more detailed and exciting. Sure it,s show accurate, but this suit is far too bland and drab. It's like she decided to just wear a drab brown skirt rather than wearing leather from animals she killed herself.

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