Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Femme Fatales Series 1

I love how ridiculous it is that they finally release figures that follow up the IndiMates line, but they can only do so under a new line. That might explain why the set includes figures from the 90's IndieComics boom like DarkChylde or Lady Death. The only figure in this line-up that is currently being published is Tarot, and I'm pretty sure they made her because they had a figure already sculpted from another Tarot line that was cancelled due to low pre-orders.

Combine this with the other ridiculous part of trying to make figures of buxom ladies using the square bodied minimate design and you just have to admire the "Who gives a crap" attitude of Diamond. They like the idea and they're going to run with it. So kudos for that.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the IndiMates line, so a continuation of it, regardless of the name they're called is something I'd be willing to support. I just hope eventually we can get some minimates of male characters from 90's Indie Comics, even if no one remembers them because they weren't sexy women... (You think it's a coincidence that the only figure in this set that isn't walking around in her underwear is wearing Daisy Dukes? That was considered modest dress in 90's indie comics. So sad.) Seriously, the only ones I can think of are Mage and Bone... Wait, SCUD. Do a SCUD minimate, it would be cool!


  1. Nice looking figures i would say i like Lady Death and Dark Chylde the best out of the set.

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