Saturday, April 21, 2012

DeLoreans! (Pronounced the way they sing "New Orleans" in the Simpsons "Streetcar Named Desire" musical episode)

So like most minimates that show up in Toys R Us these days, there are two versions of the flying Back to the Future minimate Time Machine: one for the direct market and one for Toys R Us. I picked them both up. First I picked up the Direct Market version because it's the only way to get the Jennifer minimate. You know, Jennifer, Marty's girlfriend who was played by Elizabeth Shue in the sequels.

Now, while it's great to get a Jennifer minimate to round out my collection of Back To The Future minimate collection, she unfortunately comes with the version of the DeLorean that is in phase, so the front half of the car is cast in a transparent plastic. It looks cool, but it's hardly what one might call the definitive version of the flying car. (although I love that they added the food processor/ fusion reactor on the back.)

So, since I wanted a better representation of the flying time machine, I ended up buying the Toy R Us version, which is more solid and comes with a non-descript Doc Brown minimate. I'm a tad disappointed with this version. It's heavy in the parts reuse, to the point where he comes with two holes in his head to hold his sunglasses in place, even though THIS SET DOESN'T INCLUDE HIS SUNGLASSES. 

Yeah, so my Doc Brown just has random holes in his face. Because the only Doc Brown head they have without holes is the older looking Doc from the first movie set... So instead they use the younger looking Doc from the second set, which had holes for sunglasses... sunglasses that do not exist in this set. And yes I mentioned it again because it's pretty damn annoying.

The DeLorean looks good though.

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