Friday, April 13, 2012

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, wave 1, continued

I've already gone over the Toys R Us Exclusives from this wave. There were four other sets, but since one was Phoenix vs. Morrigan, and I've already got figures for both those characters and the corresponding accessories, I'm only going to be going over the other three sets. But they're cool sets.

Deadpool vs. Dante

It's nice to get a Deadpool with all its accessories. The last time I got one it was missing one of it's alternate heads. So that was a disappointment. But this one is great, especially since they decided to avoid making his mask a separate piece covering his deformed face, so the head doesn't look over-sized and out-of-scale.

And Dante is... Dante. I don't play the Devil May Care games, but I enjoy playing as the character in the games. His coat is well implemented to allow for maximum arm movement, although the lower part of his coat restricts leg movement. Fortunately both figures come with the new transparent minimate stands to ensure that they stand up no matter what pose they're in.

I really like those stands. I love that they're being included with most of the Marvel Vs. Capcom figures.

Iron Man vs. Arthur

I already have like a dozen Iron Man minimates, and this one is pretty standard, but this guy comes with a ludicrously large cannon, so I'm going to give it a pass. This time.

Meanwhile, Arthur is awesome. His accessories are badass (look at that shield!) He pretty much proves that you can do medieval knights in the minimate form! Also, how awesome is it that Capcom gave a nod to the true old school!

Dormammu and Trish

It's hard to tell, but Dormammu has a face. It's just printed on transparent orange plastic using orange paint. So yeah, kinda hard to see.

His robes restrict almost all of the figure's movement. You can pretty much bend his elbows and that's it. Combine that with the difficulty of seeing his face and it's an overall disappointing minimate.

As for Trish, it's cool they added her so early in the line, and it makes sense to pair Dormammu with a demon hunter, but let's face it, video game over-fetishization of the female form does not lend itself well to the minimate block body. The result is ridiculous, but the good kind of ridiculous. You know, like the way people appreciate Police Academy 7. (Although I will defend the non-ironic merits of Police Academy 1-6.)

Still, her accessories, like her giant sword, are a pretty neat addition to the minimate world. A shame she doesn't have her sunglasses from her memorable victory animation.

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  1. I just saw the Taskmaster set the other day and almost bought it and i keep eye balling the Arthur set as well. The Haggar/Hulk one as long vanished from my Toys R' Us and that was one that had my interest too.