Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twelve Inch Tuesdays... No, I'm not calling it that.

So I've been getting into 12 inch figures lately. I'm a tiny bit obsessed. It's like when I went overboard with the 4 inch figures a year ago. I've got to remind myself not to buy every semi-interesting thing I see because unlike the 4 inch figures, these things are insanely expensive. But if I'm getting stuff, I might as well write about it, right? Right.

I could do a regular feature, call it Twelve Inch Tuesdays or something less innuendo laden. Sixth scale Saturdays... No... I don't want to buy so many that I can justify one day a week on this stuff. And I sure as hell can't be buying any Hot Toys figures... Any more Hot Toys figures... Who the hell makes toys that cost $300? And why did I start getting into the 1/6th scale aspect of the hobby when the aftermarket cost of the figures I want is like 500% MSRP on $100 figures?

I gotta say, I'm sorely tempted by the upcoming 12 inch 11th Doctor figure and whoops, looks like I've preordered it... This is a ridiculously expensive aspect of the hobby and I'd like my obsession with it to end now please. Also, please make a 1:6 scale TARDIS that costs $10 please.

And most importantly, why is it that no one made a quality sixth scale Richard Nixon figure?

Yes, I want more high quality presidents. I'll explain tomorrow.

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  1. I can make you a 1/6 scale Tardis out of card paper if you can do a hi-res scan of one of yours in another scale.

    Think Toast Shield.