Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Abraham Lincoln

Because I slid back into 12" figures because of a good 1:6 scale President, I knew if I was getting more then I'd have to find other high quality President figures. Fortunately they made one of the most iconic ever and it was by Sideshow, the like #2 name in 1:6 scale figures. And even more fortunately I found it at the price point I was comfortable with (Not paying $100 for a Sideshow version of Grant or Washington.)

As the packaging implies, President Lincoln was released as part of a set of Civil War figures. Other famous historical figures: Stonewall Jackson, General/Future President Grant, and a bunch of soldiers I don't know because I'm not a Civil War buff and most of what I Know is a result of text books and that PBS Documentary by Ken Burns.

I will say that I'm glad they released this figure as Bearded Lincoln and not young weird looking Lincoln.

Since this is a Civil War based set, Lincoln he comes with appropriate accessories. He gets two mini version of the Gettysburg Address written on what feel like easily tearable paper and his iconic stovepipe hat.

And that's it.

Well, unless you count the stand he's packaged with. Or his clothing. But I don't. So he gets two pieces of paper that I'm never taking out of the box and a hat.

Although as far as hats go, it's a pretty good one. Very solid and stays attached to the head more than you would fear when put it on. Overall: Happy with the product and now I want more action figures of Presidents in this scale and of this quality.

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  1. Well he can be a Vampire killer like the latest movie. LOL