Friday, April 27, 2012

New Warriors set

Why'd I get this set? Well, it was cheap and I've already got a couple New Mutant minimates from previous Toys R us waves. And you know me, once I collect a couple members of a team I want to complete the team. Of course now...

The original New Mutants have taken to wearing their old uniforms again, but this is them when they were teens, at the start of the New Mutants series. We've got Wolfsbane (werewolf), Karma (can project her mind into other people), Sunspot (energy charged solar powered super body), and Cannonball (unstoppable flight propulsion). They didn't include Mirage (illusions) even though I'd say she's arguably more important than Karma... although this was probably the only way they'd make a Karma figure, so I guess that makes sense. They'll probably make a Mirage figure sooner or later. That'd be cool, there's so few Native American superheroes whose powers aren't somehow based on their heritage. But hey, Karma, the Vietnamese mutant whose powers aren't martial arts based! Awesome.

So one of the things I love/hate about this set is that two characters are in their New Mutants uniforms but the other two, Wolfsbane and Sunspot, are in their transformed forms. But they also spent some time in their un-transformed uniformed states. So they included spare heads so you can put them on the basic New Mutatnt uniformed bodies of the other figures. It's a neat feature, but now I want another pair of bodies for these heads, which means I'd have to buy another set... It's diabolical.

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  1. That's how they get you Timmy lol. Great looking New Mutants Set