Sunday, April 15, 2012

Enemies of the Third Doctor set.

I knew I had to get this set when it came out. It features three bad guys from the 3rd Doctor's era in the Seventies. This is the era that has aged the worst out of all the Doctor Who eras, mostly because it was a bit too corny. Don't get me wrong, it had some great stories, but it also had stories that were a little campier/worse looking than the Adam West Batman show. Batman worked because it owned its ridiculousness. Not so much 70's Doctor Who.

But I'll say this, the 3rd Doctor's era had some pretty iconic bad guys. The Autons only showed up in two classic stories but their status as villains was so iconic that they were perfect for the first episode of the new series. That's almost 40 years between stories. 40 years!

So a set of Classic Doctor Who figures featuring three of the 3rd Doctor's enemies? I'm interested. Because toys of cheap 70's sci-fi monsters could be awesome. I mean we get a Drashig! I hated the story the Drashig was featured in. HATED IT! But I love that they made a toy of it, especially considering how cheesy it looked.

 Well let's look at what's included in this set.

A Drashig figure, which is actually a rubber hand puppet. In the show the Drashig was supposed to be enormous, so to make it in scale with the 5 inch figures would have been difficult, but this is a pretty good way to do it. Also, the Drashig on the show looked like a bad hand puppet so this is pretty much perfect in that regard. (British television in the 70's... what a hoot.) The puppet actually fits my adult sized hand, so hooray for that.

The other figures are a 70's style Auton, which I actually prefer to the modern day Autons, and Omega. Omega was the bad guy from the Three Doctors 10th Anniversary special. His body has vanished and he exists as pure will. He hasn't realized this yet, so he still wears elaborate clothing. He finds out his true state when he takes off his helmet and there's nothing underneath. I was wondering if they would figure out a way to turn that into an action feature, and they did. You can remove the helmet/head making it look like he has no head.

That pink globe? That's a Nestene Consciousness that controls the Auton. In the show they came to Earth as meteors that looked like pink glowing globes made of plastic.. so hey, just like that only bigger.

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  1. That hand puppet is awesome it reminds me of Audrey from the Little Shop of Horrors lol. : )