Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cylon Raider

Have you ever had a day when you go to a toy store, walk around, don't see anything you MUST BUY, but still feel a nagging in the back of your head that you should get something. You went out of your way to make the trip, you've got some money to burn, you haven't gotten anything new in a while, and you want to justify the fact that you're a collector in some way. Also, you're surrounded by toys. So you look around and find something that you kinda want, something you've been on the fence about for a while but never bit the bullet and purchased.

I'm sure it's indicative of some sort of sickness. I bet that's the first step to being on the show Horders or its bad TLC knockoff.

So what I'm saying is that the Cylon Raider will end up being my version of the mummified flat cat under a ton of empty boxes. (Incidentally, I do throw most of my packaging away, unless it looks awesome, in which case it goes into a tub of flattened, empty packaging... Yeah... Hoarders... But at least I throw away the plastic bits.)

I mean, as I've mentioned before: I never really watched Battlestar Galactica, but I have enough minimates to justify giving the series its own Tag. So why would I get a Battlestar Galactica vehicle?

Because it's a ship designed to look like the face of the Cylons from the old series and that is adorable. Also, the minimate is a killer robot painted gold. I'm a sucker for an absurd robot toy and this is two of them...

So maybe I won't end up on Hoarders after all. I just need to... uh...


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  1. I actually like this little set it really does have a "Throw Back" feel to it at lest for me.