Friday, April 6, 2012

Age of Apocalypse boxset

Fortunately this was on sale, otherwise I probably would have skipped it. I've wanted a Sunfire minimate for a while now, but the only one they've done so far has been this Age of Apocalypse version. Although he briefly used this look when Apocalypse brainwashed him in the 616 universe. So hooray for that.

And I'm glad this set came with AoA Cyclops, since he's one of the cooler AoA designs. Character was a bit pointless, but I never read Age of Apocalypse for character development... or really at all. I skimmed the story, but never bought anything from it except a parody comic produced by Marvel in the What The-?! vein.

Although I'm a bit miffed that the back of the packaging clearly is decribing not AoA Sunfire but AoA Sunspot. Seriously, the first two words in that description are "Sunfire" and "Sunspot." That's just sad.

The set also comes with AoA Rogue and Magneto, but who cares. All you need to know is that Magneto comes with alternate head, hair and helmet to create his angry Magento look. Oh and they have removable capes.

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