Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Loki and Odin

Yes, yes, I know. Anthony Hopkins as a minimate. But I've already got the Silence of the Lambs set, and that's more than enough Anthony Hopkins minimate for anyone.

I pretty much got these guys because they were cheap. I'm not really into the Movie figures, although having an Odin figure did make this an easier decision to make. Loki though, don't really care. I prefer the design of comic book Loki. And I haven't bothered to see the Thor movie, so I have no attachment to this version. But at least he has the ridiculous helmet... that makes it impossible to stand him up unaided for any reliable amount of time.

Good thing it was cheap.


  1. I always say...."Cheap is Good". : )

  2. I just bought it... FOR LOKI, helmet and all!!!