Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy crap, Don't get any Blinkus

I saw some Blinkus packages at the Dollar Tree the other day. I've seen them at Target and was curious. I enjoy lenticular technology, and the idea of basically fusing that technology to what are essentially cheap Go-Go Bones rip-offs appealed to me. Especially if it served to give the figures a little more personality. So I kinda wanted to get a blind bag and check them out, but not for the prices they go for at Target. A dollar for a bag of three seemed like a safe amount to gamble with, so a purchase was made.

And then a disappointment was had.

I could forgive the bad paint application, I mean for this size and price point, bad paint is almost a given. But the lenticular sticker, the thing that pretty much defines these things, they were peeling off all the figures in the bag.

The glue was pretty dry too, no quick fix here. Nope, it seemed like the stickers would peel off completely soon after I had bought them. Disappointing? Very much so. I mean I spent $1 and felt ripped off. That's just not right.

Add to that the disappointing figures that I got. A couple generic monsters which were pretty lame, and a robot which had, I thought, a cute lenticular transformation from a nervous robot into a robot with a bullet hole through its head.

But one figure I liked out of three, with all three having issues with their stickers staying on, well, I'm not getting any more of these, for any price.

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